Cryptocurrency and its Ties to Violent State and Non-State Actors

Introduction The world is changing dramatically from the ways of even 5 years ago. As technology advances in combination with privacy concerns, a new form of information and communication technology has emerged. Collectively known as “Web 3.0” it is the formulation and understanding of a completely decentralized internet. This means that instead of central server banks being processed by companies […]

Cyber-teers: the new soldiers of fortune

Mercenaries were thought to be a thing of the past, but they may actually be in your inbox. In 2017, the Ethiopian government was involved in a global scandal surrounding its role in hacks and data breaches. However, The Ethiopian government, in fact, had no direct role – except for the fact that they hired a global firm “CyberBit” to […]

The Personal President; explored

A secluded, almost reclusive, president was the type of president that the designers of the United States government believed was the best fit. The Federalist Papers, specifically ones written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, focus on the president having a role away from the “volatility of the masses” and simultaneously provide a bulwark against encroachment. In saying this, this […]

Review of the People’s Republic of China’s Military Capabilities Compared to the US’s.

Introduction The People’s Republic of China and the United States have been rife with animosity and stress from both nations. The main points of contention are the sovereignty of Taiwan, the South China Sea, and trade. The United States, the hegemon of a unipolar global system in the 20th century, is now finding the paradigm shift to a bipolar world […]

African Trade Corridors: VNSAs, Foreign Influence, and Regional Contention Explored

The African continent  has been speeding towards high speed growth in almost all demographics. Despite the narrative of a backwards continent years behind the developed world in infrastructure, the past decade of the 2010s can be seen as the beginning of an African renaissance in trade, infrastructure, and wealth. It is estimated that by 2050, over 2 billion people will […]

Federalist Designs Against Encroachment

The founders of the United States kept the ideas of the flaws in human nature very deep in mind when constructing a new government. Human nature is a broad subject, and it was not fully understood in the late 18th century, but the founders understood that all men have underlying forces at play under their principles. In the Federalist Papers, […]

Humor and the Pedagogy of Philosophy

Philosophy and Humor: A Brief History  The story goes that Samuel Johnson was out for a stroll one day and ran into a friend from college he had not seen in over forty years. Amazed at the time passed, the men began to talk of their lives, and reconnected. They eventually got around to their vocations and passions. Johnson, being […]

Progress of the UN’s SDG-16

Introduction The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in the year 2015 by 193 countries worldwide. Each goal, a total of 17, is aimed in each of their own respects to end extreme poverty, further rights and equality, and even aim to protect the planet environmentally. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are given until 2030 to be completed. They are the […]

The Ethics of Climate Change

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our lifetime, and will reap unstoppable carnage in our children’s generation if measures are not taken to curb it now. Everyday, humans across the globe contribute to the problem of climate change. In this paper, I will argue that it is wrong for humans to contribute to the problem of climate change […]